TntDrive 2-8-5 - Support for Amazon S3 Compatible Storages, GLACIER Storage Class, Data Integrity Check.
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TntDrive 2.8.5 Release Notes

Added support for S3-compatible storages

Nowadays, many hosting providers offer Amazon S3 compatible APIs to access and manage their cloud storages. Some of the examples are: Dreamhost, HostEurope, Dunkel Storage, Eucalyptus(Walrus) and many others.

Starting from version 2.8.5 you can easily work with S3-compatible storage providers.

To Mount Amazon S3-Compatible Storage:

  1. Follow these instructions to open Add New Drive dialog.
  2. Click the advanced properties.. link located at the bottom of the Add New Drive dialog.

    Advanced Properties link

    Add New Drive dialog

  3. Advanced properties dialog will open.

    Advanced Properties Dialog

    Advanced Properties dialog

    Open Amazon S3 tab and check Use Amazon S3 compatible storage and specify the REST endpoint.

    Usually you can find S3-compatible REST endpoint and your credentials(keys) in your client area on provider's website.

  4. Click OK and continue adding new drive.

Data integrity check when uploading files to Amazon S3

You can now use MD5 hashes to ensure that data is not corrupted traversing the network. When you use this option, Amazon S3 checks the file against the provided MD5 value and, if they do not match, returns an error.

Please note, additional time may be required to calculate hashes for large files.

To enable data integrity check:

Open Tools, Options, General and turn on corresponding check-box.

data integrity check

How to enable data integrity check

How to read files with GLACIER Storage Class

Recently Amazon S3 Team announced new feature that allows you to schedule automatic archiving to Amazon Glacier.

Files that were moved to Amazon Glacier have GlACIER storage class and are not available immediately. You need to initiate the retrieval first and then wait about 4 hours.

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