How to increase the performance of READ requests. How to enable Caching for READ requests.
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How to increase performance of READ operations

Starting from version 2.4.5 TntDrive supports the caching of file READ requests. This could improve performance if you are using TntDrive mostly for reading the files.

To enable READ requests caching:

1. Click the Edit button on your mapped drive

Click Edit

Click the Edit button to open mapped drive properties

Mapped drive properties dialog will open:

Mapped drive properties

Mapped drive properties dialog

2. Click the advanced properties.. link, corresponding dialog will open:

Advanced drive properties

Advanced drive properties dialog

3. Open the Caching tab, there are two check-boxes that control how this feature will work:

  1. To cache only those parts of the file that were requested
  2. To prefetch and cache the entire file after receiving the first READ request.
    (You can filter the files by size to avoid high bandwidth usage)

Please note that TntDrive does not update the cache automatically if file was changed outside of TntDrive. Amazon S3 doesn't send any notifications about file change.

You can use the following command to reset the cache: Tools -> Reset cache.

You can also reset the cache from command line interface.

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