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What is TntDrive?

TntDrive is a new Amazon S3 Client for Windows. With TntDrive you can easily mount Amazon S3 Bucket as a Network or Removable Drive under Windows.

Unlike many other Amazon S3 Clients, TntDrive offers incredible simplicity of accessing your Amazon S3 Buckets and files.

You can work with your Amazon S3 files as easily as if they were on your local drive!

Download TntDrive 3.3.5 (64 bit edition)

Download TntDrive 3.3.5 (32 bit edition)

amazon s3 buckets mounted as local and network drive
Your Amazon S3 Buckets appear in My Computer and are visible for any other applications

16 Feb, 2014 - TntDrive Version 3.3.5 Released

  • Maintenance release
  • Fixed the number of minor bugs

14 Jan, 2014 - TntDrive Version 3.3.3 Released

  • Maintenance release
  • Performance improvements
  • Multiple bug-fixes in the GUI
  • Other bug-fixes and improvements

04 Oct, 2013 - TntDrive Version 3.2.1 Released

  • Improved overall performance!
  • Improved caching mechanism
  • Improved console manager
  • Other minor improvements and bug-fixes
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