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TntDrive Screenshots

TntDrive Dashboard

tntdrive main window screenshot

Dashboard shows all mapped drives and let's you edit their properties.

Mapped Drive Properties

mapped drive properties

Mapped Drive Properties - Storage Account, Amazon S3 Bucket, Mapped Drive Letter

Advanced Drive Properties - Mapped Drive

advanced drive properties

Advanced Drive Properties - Mapped Drive Type, Read-Only Mode, Drive Label

Advanced Drive Properties - Storage

advanced drive properties

Advanced Drive Properties - Storage Class, Server-Side Encryption, Transfer Acceleration, Requester Pays

Advanced Drive Properties - Caching

advanced drive properties

Advanced Drive Properties - Caching Options - File Info, Directory Listings, Read Requests

Event Log Window

tntdrive event log window

Event log window displays current operational log of TntDrive.

Main menu

Main menu

TntDrive main menu - Accounts, Drives, Tools, Help

Mapped drives in Windows Explorer

s3 buckets in my computer

Your Amazon S3 Buckets appear in My Computer. They also visible for other applications.

Options - General

TntDrive Options

Tools, Options, General

Options - Proxy

TntDrive Options

Proxy Settings

Options - Bandwidth Throttling

TntDrive Options

Bandwidth Throttling Settings

Options - Queueing

TntDrive Options

Queueing Settings

Options - Interface

TntDrive Options

User Interface Settings

Options - Logging and error handling

TntDrive Options

Logging and error handling settings

Options - Advanced

TntDrive Options

Advanced Settings

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