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TntDrive FAQ

Does your product support running as a service. I want to install it on my Amazon EC2 server, and I need to make sure that the network drive will stay in place even when nobody is logged into the server.
Yes, TntDrive works as a Windows Service. Your mapped drive will be available even if nobody is logged into the server. After installing TntDrive you can find TntDrive Service in Services snap-in under the name TntDriveService or tntdrive-svc.exe process.

If I map my S3 bucket with TNTDrive and tell it to be 1024 GB large (the default), does that cause AWS to charge me for that much space even if it is empty? Or does it work like the standard way that AWS charges ... in other words, I am only charged for the space I actually use?
You only charged for the space that you actually use. Drive Size is used when some application wants to know size of the mapped drive.

Is there a way to report the free drive space correctly?
Currently there is no single API call to get bucket size. We need to enumerate all objects in a bucket in order to calculate bucket size. Buckets can contain hundreds of thousands of objects and getting bucket size may take a lot of time and money (because you are charged for requests and traffic). For this reason we're not adding this feature into TntDrive at this time.

I am having problems copying large files to my mapped drive. The copy does not finish.
Please Open "Tools" - "Options" - "Advanced" and set "Folder for temporary files" to a location locally that has plenty of free space. This temporary location must be at least as large as the file you are copying to Amazon S3 via TntDrive.

What are the minimal set of IAM permissions required to map the drive?
Please check the following IAM policy
  "Statement": [
    "Effect": "Allow",
    "Action": [
    "Resource": "arn:aws:s3:::sample-bucket-name",
    "Condition": {}
    "Effect": "Allow",
    "Action": [
    "Resource": "arn:aws:s3:::sample-bucket-name/*",
    "Condition": {}

Be sure to replace sample-bucket-name with your actual bucket name.

I'm using TntDrive (pointed to s3 bucket) as a Virtual Directory in IIS, but am getting 404 page not found when I try to access content. Are there any special permissions or settings required?
This is the known issue with IIS. The problem is related to filename case sensitivity.

Filenames on Amazon S3 are case sensitive, meaning that FileName.ext and FILENAME.EXT are different files on Amazon S3.

IIS tries to access the files using uppercase letters, for example FILENAME.EXT

To work-around this problem, your filenames and paths on Amazon S3 should be in uppercase format, for example FOLDER/SUBFOLDER/FILENAME.EXT

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