How to load Access Key Id, Secret Access Key and Session Token from Environment Variables.
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Amazon S3 Credentials from Environment Variables

You may use this storage type if you would like to load Amazon S3 credentials and session tokens from environment variables.

This could be useful in cases when you would like to obtain temporary credentials and session tokens and update environment variables on your own.

The following environment variables are used:

  • AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID - holds Access Key ID
  • AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY - holds Secret Access Key
  • AWS_SESSION_TOKEN - holds Session Token (optional)

These variables are fully compatible with official AWS Tools/CLI for Windows.

Variable values are cached for 3 seconds.

To load Access Keys from Environment Variables

1. Start TntDrive Dashboard and click Accounts, Add new account.

click add new account

Start TntDrive Dashboard and click Accounts, Add new account

Add New Account dialog will open:

s3 credentials via environment variables

Add New Account dialog

2. Select Amazon S3 (Credentials from Environment Variables) as a storage type.

3. Enable SSL/TLS option if you would like to work via encrypted SSL/TLS channel.

6. Click Add new account

You can now add new mapped drive with this account.

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