Access Keys - Access Key Id and Secret Access Key. How to generate Access Keys.
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AWS Access Keys

Access Keys are used to sign the requests you send to Amazon S3. Like the Username/Password pair you use to access your AWS Management Console, Access Key Id and Secret Access Key are used for programmatic (API) access to AWS services.

You can manage your Access Keys in AWS Management Console.

In this article we will describe two types of Access Keys

Root Access Keys

Root Access Keys provide unlimited access to your AWS resources. It's not recommended to use them in normal situations. AWS recommends to delete existing Root Access Keys and create IAM user and Access Keys limited to specific service or resource (see below).

To Delete Root Access Keys

1. Type in your web browser

2. Click My Account, AWS Management Console

to aws console

Sign in to AWS Management Console

3. Enter your account email address and password:

enter account email

Enter Account Email

enter account password

Enter Account Password

4. Type the IAM in the search box and choose the IAM service from the drop-down list.

open iam dashboard

Open the IAM Dashboard

You will be redirected to IAM Dashboard

delete root access keys

IAM Dashboard, Manage Security Credentials

5. Navigate to Security Status and expand the Delete your root access keys section.

6. Click Manage Security Credentials

continue to security credentials

Click Continue To Security Credentials

7. Click Continue to Security Credentials

Your Security Credentials page will open

delete root access keys

Your Security Credentials page

8. Expand the Access Keys (access key id and secret access key) section

9. Click the Delete link next to your access keys row.

confirm deletion

Confirm Access Keys Deletion

10. Confirm Access Keys deletion.

root keys deleted

Root Access Keys Deleted

11. Your Root Access Keys are deleted. Now you can create IAM user and Access Keys limited to specific service or resource (see below).

Be sure to replace your root access keys with your IAM access keys in any programs/scripts you are currently using.

IAM Access Keys

To create IAM user and Access Keys:

1. Open IAM Dashboard as described above and navigate to Users

2. Click Add User

iam console users section

Iam Console Users Section

Add User Wizard will open:

set user name and access type

Set User Name And Access Type

3. Specify User Name (any user name of your choice).

4. Check Programmatic Access

5. Click Next: Permissions

Permissions page will open:

set permissions attach policy

Set Permissions Attach Policy

6. Click Attach Existing policies directly

7. Type s3 in the Filter field.

8. Check AmazonS3FullAccess policy

9. Click Next: Review

Review tab will open:

create user review

Create User Review

10. Review new user details and click Create User

The final page will open:

new user created

New User Created

11. Click Show under the Secret access key column

copy access key id and secret access key

Copy Access Key Id And Secret Access Key

12. Copy Access key ID and Secret access key into the safe place.

You can now use your access keys to mount Amazon S3 bucket.

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